Friday, February 02, 2007

Burk's Barbecue (Rock Hill, SC)

I ate at this fairly new barbecue spot up in Rock Hill, SC, over the holidays, and I'm just getting around to logging a post about it. Rock Hill (which is where my parents live, so I'm up there a lot) has long been starved for good barbecue spots, and this one is a nice addition to the town's somewhat limited culinary scene.

The restaurant is in a strip mall off of Cherry Road (2012 Cherry Rd is the address), so it doesn't have a ton of atmosphere. But, right behind the counter you can see the big metal-walled pit where they cook the barbecue, and the scent that hits your nose as soon as you walk into into the place is fantastic.

The barbecue itself is finely chopped and comes with a sweet red tomato-based sauce. The lunch plate (only $4.95) came with some good hushpuppys and finely minced slaw, which in my mind is the only proper way to serve it.

And, the folks behind the counter were very friendly, and the food came out fast.

Burk's isn't a Carolina classic, but it's a solid joint, and the quality of life in Rock Hill just got a little better.


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