Saturday, November 11, 2006


Most of the grocery stores in my area have the requisite stock of apples (the same 6 varieties), oranges, pears, and bananas. Maybe the occassional coconut or whole pineapple if you want to get crazy. But, the Publix (on Sam Rittenberg Drive) can always be counted on to have at least a dozen exotic fruits that I've never purchased before. The other day I stumbled across a bin of guava whose smell was so strong and sweet and tempting that I had to buy a few.

I sliced a few and ate them, but what better than a guava mojito? (It was really good, but since I had to peel, puree, and strain the fruit myself, I'll probably save the trouble in the future and just buy guava nectar.)

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Bill said...

Not bad. The pink color is great.

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