Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's an Organic Fish?

Are you better off buying organic salmon or regular salmon? And what is regular salmon anyway? An article in today's New York Times (registration required) highlights a lot of the murkiness that surrounds the "organic" label.

It makes you wish they could just label things "good fish" or "not so good (but cheap) fish."

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peg said...

Yeah, it does make you wish that there was a "they" (and who would they be?) that would simply label fish good or bad, but not likely, right, since, in reality, the only salmon left that are *safe* to eat are Alaskan wild. And so the perversion of the government-slash-where's my $$$?-slash-organic-slash-everyone must get paid-slash-label-slash-oversight goes on. Meanwhile, I am just one more who mourns the passing of the tuna melt as comfort food as a thing of the past. Did you ever think you'd see the day when you understood that you'd be facing explaining to your grandchildren what a tuna fish sandwich was?

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