Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Free Pizza for a Year

A few days ago I began a post that started: "Have I mentioned South of Philly Pizzaeria before? It's a fairly new place out here on the West Ashley side of town (in the Bi-Lo Shopping Center off Bee's Ferry Road)."
The answer is that, no, I haven't mentioned it before, and "fairly new" isn't really all that fair any more since as of this Saturday (May 4th), South of Philly will have been in operation for a full year.
The restaurant has only a couple of tables inside, so it's much more of a take-out and delivery place. They have great cheesesteak sandwiches, but our new favorite is the simplest pizza of all--a large cheese. Only $10 bucks or so: how could we avoid ordering one at least once a week? It's our stand-by option for those nights when I'm running late at work and nobody feels like cooking. I've actually caught The Wife asking, "Do you think you'll have to work late tonight?" with a hopeful, expectant air . . .

South of Philly is definitely a contender for best pizza in town, and they are right up there with Philly's in Summerville for best cheesesteak. On May 4th they are celebrating their anniversary with free pizza, cheesy "bread thingies", and a bunch of give-a-way drawings, including free pizza for a year. "Restrictions Apply", the flyer says, but it doesn't say what that means. Surely one per day isn't too much to expect?

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Mike said...

South of Philly is just a short drive from my house. Last week I had a sudden urge to eat pasta so I went there and ordered the phettucini (sic) alfredo and the Apollo salad. The salad was great but the pasta gave a new meaning to the word "bland".

My oldest daughter is a chef in NYC and has written lots of restaurant reviews for newspapers so I know that I should give South of Philly a second chance. I hope the pizza is as good as you say it is.

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