Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Legendary River Dog

The Six Year Old and I hit Joseph Riley Park this afternoon for our first Riverdogs game of the season. The Six Year Old caught his first baseball ever ("caught" that is, in the sense that he didn't drop it when one of the visiting Greenville Drive relievers handed him a ball that had just rolled into the vistors' bullpen off an easy grounder). And, I had my first River Dog of the season.

The River Dog is a monument of minor league ballpark cuisine, one I am willing to bet cannot be found anywhere else in the country: a hot dog with coleslaw, mustard-based barbecue sauce, and--the coup de grace--a whole piece of pickled okra laid along top. You wouldn't think it would be good, but it is. Really, really good. The tanginess of the barbecue sauce and the pickled okra blend together perfectly, and the coleslaw gives just the right crunch. Wash it down with a cold draft beer and you are living right.

There are a half-dozen concession stands in The Joe, but you can only get The River Dog at The Doghouse, the stand located just behind homeplate on the main concourse. In the words of The Six Year Old, "it's a Carolina classic!"

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