Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lowcountry Nibbles -- April 14th

Legislation currently before the South Carolina legislature would raise the cap on beer alcohol levels from 5% to as much as 21%. Pop the Cap South Carolina is one group pushing to get the law passed so that a variety of high-end specialty beers can be sold in the state.

Opening soon at Marion Square . . . Cereality, a restaurant devoted to breakfast cereal. At first I thought this was an April Fool's gag, but, no, it's all too real. The target market? College kids, of course.

Starbucks is opening a coffee-roasting plant up the road in St. Matthews, a moved fueled by recent growth of the chain in the Southeast, where it currently has 2,200 stores.

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Becca Hodges said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your good food; doesn't have to be fancy at all...just GOOD! Agree conpletely with your wife on Buzzard's Roost, aka, The Noisy Oyster. Great spot...maybe someone will optimize the scene with some really good cuisine!

Keep on's great info!

Have you ever eaten the home-cooking at Eva's in Summerville? Right downtown next to the old grandma's cooking...and Eva is 91...started the restaurant when she was 30 years the math!!


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