Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moving House

It's finally done. We have moved. It took almost a year to sell the old house, less than a week to find the new one, and then a two-week forced march to pack everything up and transport it across town. One of the interesting (maybe even pleasant) side effects is that in the process of moving I had to get rid of almost all of my food stocks.

We moved out of our old house on Thursday, stayed in a motel Thursday night, and moved into the new one on Friday. That meant the refrigerator (including the freezer) had to be completely empty. We had a single cooler for the bare essentials like milk and yogurt for the kids and a few condiments and cheeses that would stand up to the trip. But, by and large, everything else had to go.

And that meant that Friday afternoon, once the refrigerator was unloaded from the truck and set up in my new kitchen, it was, without a doubt, about as bare as it has been since it was purchased. (The photo above shows it on Saturday morning, just after my wife made a quick convenience store run for orange juice, Dove ice cream bars, and a few other staples.)

In the process of cleaning out the fridge at the old house, I unloaded quarts of frozen stock and leftover chili and small scraps of meat that--let's face it--I would never, ever eat even if we had to survive a nuclear winter. Before the move, the doors were groaning with bottle after bottle of barbecue sauce, each half empty, and countless jars of pickles and peppers and crazy Asian curry pastes. Out they all went into a gigantic black Hefty bag.

I have promised myself that I won't let this opportunity pass me by, that I will turn over a new leaf and make myself actually use up everything I have purchased before I go out to the store and go through another round of purchasing. Never again, I have sworn, will my freezer turn into the Antarctic of the Lost Tupperware Containers.

We'll see how that turns out.

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chucker said...

Hey, it's NOT our fault!

Tupperware - and all the others - make, tiny, tiny containers that we use for 3 spoonfuls of spinach or 1/4 can of lima beans.

Then they sit in the fridge, slowly being moved backwards on the shelf until one day, we rediscover them and dump the moldy contents down the sink.

Or we move to a different house.

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