Tuesday, January 29, 2008

School Lunch

Actual items from the Seven Year Old's school lunch menu for the month of January:

"1/3 less sugar frosted flakes": I'll give you 95% less sugar: Corn Flakes!

"Chicken filet sandwich, steamed broccoli, garden salad w/RF Dresssing, banana, milk": broccoli AND salad: that's double vegetable. Sure, the lunch may offer "<30% fat", but if no kid eats the broccoli and salad, what difference does it make? And what the hell is "RF?" Refried? Refrigerated? Ranch/French?

"Beefaroni": Really? In 2008? Did you ever see Seinfeld?

"Tacos w/ Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Tomato Soup." Tacos with tomato soup? Hell, why not!

By far the best menu item of the month: Friday January 18th: "Teacher Workday: No School."

I can't wait to see what February brings.


The Wife said...

God, I hate Beefaroni day. It means I have to actually make him a lunch which is like, ya know, cooking.

Zippy said...

RF = Reduced Fat

Robert said...

REDUCED FAT! Thanks, Zippy! I wonder if it has a flavor . . .

tammy said...

RF has a flavor all right. It's called *shitty.*

I can hardly wait until the Preschooler turns into a Kindergartener next year.

Dan said...

Chineese New Year Menu:
Fried chicken pieces.
I asked if it was good, it was worth $3 they said.

Rev. Biggles said...


Just did a round with the providers of my 12 year old's school lunches. The catalyst of my emails (which were promptly replied to and done very well) was the day when he came home and said that their Soup Day had changed. They were supplied Cup o noodles instead and told it was better for them than their old soup. Shudder. Not only that, it was a dollar more, the school wanted to raise some money. I pleaded with the company and the school to quiddit. The kids need food, not that crap.

Our system is making me crazy. To order the food, you log in to this company's web site and do it that way. They advertise local food, organic this and that. But what shows up is the same crap they've been getting for years. As it turns out, the school can choose whatever entree they want to feed the children. So, you think you're ordering decent stuff and the school pulls a switch and give the kids something "similar". Feh.


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