Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pining for Spring

It's official: I'm ready for Spring. I went to the Boone Hall Farms store today and everything looked so wilted and wrinkly and unfresh--even the root vegetables--that I couldn't bring myself to buy anything except for some dried red cowpeas. Over at the supermarket, there was some passable-looking asparagus and beets from Mexico, which I optimisitically took as evidence that Spring was on its way. It had made it as far north as Mexico, the line of thinking went, which means it couldn't be much longer before it makes it to the Carolinas--as if Spring were some sort of migratory bird. I, of course, have no idea if the part of Mexico where the asparagus and beets came from even has discernable seasons, but no matter.

We've had a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather, including a couple of lovely days in the seventies recently--enough to make the flowers on my azaleas start to pop out and lull me into thinking winter is behind us.

But it's not. The Marion Square farmer's market won't open until the first week of April. The U-Pick Strawberry patch down the road is still teasing me with its "coming soon" sign.

I need veggies, damn it. Some fresh, tender spring things. One more month . . .

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Rev. Biggles said...

1 month? That ain't bad, no sir. We doing it now though, kinda refreshing. The cherry & plum trees are all full of blossoms & smells & bees. The grasses are so green it hurts to look at them for too long. And, I get to leave the windows open all night!


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