Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Local Dispute

I'm enjoying following from the sidelines a nice little squabble over whether certain "locavore" restaurants in San Francisco actually are truly local-focused or not. Of particular note is that two new English terms appear to have been coined during the course of the debate: "hyper local" and "going all bitchcakes." Guess which one I'll be using more often?

I sort of feel connected to all this because I was in San Francisco a week ago and walked right past Fish & Farm, and several years ago I stayed in the Mark Twain Hotel, which is the hotel building in which Fish & Farm is located, and I ate breakfast in the restaurant space--long before it was Fish & Farm, but, in my mind, almost as good as having actually eaten at Fish & Farm itself.

All in all, it just fuels my never ending amusement at San Franciscans who get all in a snit over eating within a 150 mile radius. A 150 mile radius of San Francisco includes some of the most fertile agricultural land not only in the state but in the whole country, and you've also got Napa Valley and the Pacific Ocean to boot. Commiting yourself to eating "local" foods in San Francisco is about as limiting as a Manhattanite's deciding to read only locally-published books and magazines.

But it's fun!

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