Friday, April 11, 2008

A Long, Strange (but Tasty) Trip

Phew. I've been pretty much out of the loop this past week due to a big crisis at work and a last minute trip to the West Coast to straighten everything out. Amid the stress and strain and everything else, there was a silver lining . . . kick ass meals in San Francisco--and, really, in Sausalito, which is where we stayed at the Casa Madrona hotel (pictured), taking the ferry across the Bay to work in the city. How fantastic is that?

Dinner Night 1: Sushi Ran in Sausalito.

Lunch Day 2: Hog Island Oyster Co ast the Ferry building

Dinner Night 2: Frantoio in Sausalito

Lunch Day 3: Hog Island Oyster Co. again. The oysters were that good, and on the second day I tried the local sardines. MAN! Those are tasty.

Dinner Night 3: The Slanted Door, San Franscisco

Please, please, please don't tell the wife. I've been plying her all week with sad stories about how miserable my trip has been and how stressful and everything. No, honey, not a chance to have any fun at all. And no good food, either!. McDonald's and Starbucks the whole trip.


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The Wife said...

Well, that's great. I hope you're happy. The children and I are starving since you left us here with no provisions. We now own every toy in the "Bionic" series from Sonic and half of the "Spongebob Goes West" toys from Burger King. Please come home soon. This can't go on.

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