Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Gentleman in the Beret is Giving Me the Jeebies

Every night as I'm cooking dinner, I pick up my big blue box of kosher salt and am confronted with this image:

Who is it? Why, Joe Kruchinsky, of course. You know, the creator of Kruchinsky's Hot Potatoes.

No, I did not buy this box of salt in 1978.

Update: Just as I was about to submit this post, the Seven Year Old walked into the room and saw the picture of the gentleman above and said, "Who's THAT? He looks COOL!" Joe, if you're out there: you've got a fan.


Ryder Bailey said...

have you tried kruchinsky's hot potatoes yet? if so, please email We are curious as to the taste and we feel he would be saying, "Try my potato!"

We also laugh at him every time we see him.

Anonymous said...

know nothing of the potatoes, but the "o.k." confirmation fills me with a faith i've been missing throughout my life.

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