Friday, May 02, 2008

Have a Rice Day

Holy McPoop! With rice prices climbing, Sam's Club has limited the amount of rice a single customer can purchase.

I'm sure this is a sign of something.


Jeff said...

What do you think it means?

I followed the link to this post from Lowcountry Blogs. It caught my eye because I wrote about this the other day.

Robert said...

The skeptic in me says that there's no way there's a pending rice shortage in the U.S. and that, if anything, we're just having a lot of small restaurant owners stocking up in anticipation of higher prices. Which shortens supply and, as we all know, will ensure that prices go higher.

Which raises this question: instead of limiting how much one person can buy, why not just raise the price little by little until the hoarders don't feel like it's such a good deal any more and stop their stockpiling?

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