Monday, December 29, 2008

Al Forno Charleston 2.0 - New & Improved!

My web hits at Al Forno Charleston have be sagging a bit lately.  It could be that I didn't post anything for a month and then, when I finally got around to it, the best thing I could come up with was a crummy link to a video of Chris Cosentino cutting up a beef heart.

But that's probably not it.  I think I just need to jazz things up a little bit and make the old site more appealing.  So, check out the prototype of the new-and-improved layout and look-and-feel for:

I think this is just the sizzle the old site's been missing . . .

Hat tip to the Bloggess for the link . . .

1 comment:

Joan said...

Everything is better with bacon.

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