Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh, it is ON!

None of the major media outlets have picked it up yet, but it seems a full-fledged war has broken out in the northern reaches of Mount Pleasant.  

For years, Sonic has reigned supreme as pretty much the only drive-thru fast restaurant north of the IOP Connector.  Sure, there was funky local contender Jack's Cosmic Dogs, and a Quiznos and a few chain-type sandwich shops, but when it was time for a quick fix of greasy fries in a paper sack ordered through a drive-thru microphone, Sonic owned the neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, though, an aggressive new player muscled in on Sonic's turf, as captured through this crafty surveillance photo:

That's right. Chik-Fil-A is on the move. It wasn't enough for them to dominate the US 17 corridor from the Ravenel Bridge all the way to I-526 with their habit-forming chicken filets and a drive-thru line that I swear sometimes wrapped around the building twice. Now they've opened a new location in the Oakland Market shopping center just north of Highway 41 and are bringing it straight to Sonic.

But Sonic isn't taking things lying down. "You wanna do chicken?" it said to the brash newcomer. "Oh, we can do chicken all day long:"

And Sonic ain't stopping there. This weekend, they took the gloves off altogether:

Aw, snap. What you got to say now, chicken boys?


Pam said...

As a resident of the north end of Mt Pleasant, I find it really funny - and am personally letting them battle it out (as if I have a say about it...duh) and when I have a 'fry attack' will go to the Cosmic Dog....but I must admit, I've never liked Sonic, but I've enjoyed their response to the chicken invasion! (Plus, Sonic really cut into the Cosmic Dog's often-filled parking lot...). Ahh...the competitive food industry in LA (aka lower awendaw).

chucker said...

I live in Hanahan but had lunch this afternoon in L.A. at the new Mellow Mushroom. It's BIG!

I saw the "chick cow" by the roadside, over by Wal-Mart, as I was driving back to the "Real" Mt. Pleasant.

Lots of growth in L.A. I'll be back.

Robert said...

I'm liking the "L.A." acronym, and think I may start using it. Sounds much more glamorous than "northern Mt. Pleasant"--which is where I live.

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