Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scenes from Daily Life (Barbecue Version)

The Wife: "Auugcchh!"
Me: "What?"
"They put SLAW on this sandwich! Gross!"
"Lot's of places put slaw on their barbecue sandwich."
"Yeah, but if they do they should at least tell you that."
"It says right here 'chopped pork with slaw on bun'.”
"Oh, please. 'Slaw' is buried in the middle of the description in the same tiny font. It should say in 24-point red all-caps, 'WARNING!!! THIS SANDWICH HAS SLAW ON IT!!!”
"I like slaw on a barbecue sandwich.  It adds crunch."

1 comment:

The Wife said...

Wrong! People should be allowed to choose. They don't just automatically put sauce on the sandwiches WHY would they put slaw on them! Yuck.

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