Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Radishes

Spring is here, and I'm suddenly consumed by a desire to eat vegetables, lots of vegetables.

Radishes, according to this handy SC Produce Availability Calendar, can be had almost year round, but I saw some particularly good looking radishes with their greens at Whole Foods and had to snap them up.

For the preparation, I went with simplicity in an attempt to recreate the radish appetizer at FIG, which still remains one of my most stunningly memorable vegetable eating experiences. I was fresh out of artisanal butter and fleur de sel, so I compensated a little by using coarse sea salt and a compound butter whipped up from plain old grocery store unsalted butter along with thinly sliced spring onions (from Boone Hall Farms), a squirt of lemon juice, black pepper, parsley, and dill.

Slice a piece of radish, slather it in the butter, and bite. Damn, that's good stuff. Fresh and just a little spicy and the richness of the butter is the perfect contrast. I've had that little salad three nights in a row.

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