Monday, June 15, 2009

Boone HALL Farms

Okay, just for the record since I think now a dozen out of towners have called me on this . . .

Boone Hall Farms is a historic Charleston plantation that has been converted to a large farming operation, and their ventures include a U-pick strawberry patch and a farm store that sells all sorts of great local produce plus fresh seafood, good cheese, and pretty darn good meats, too.

Boone's Farm is that rot gut swill that used to be fortified wine and now (due to some wrinkle in the tax law) is now a malt beverage but is still just as likely to make you puke when you guzzle a bottle of it while sitting on the hood of a car in some cul-de-sac or perhaps on a remote creek bridge at 2:00 am.

Just look for the "hall", okay?


Nicholas said...


It was an interesting post on "Boone HALL Farms".

People will surely enjoy the trip out to the boone hall farms that sells good meat, seafood. Roane Vineyards is a pleasant 50 minute drive from charleston is also good tourist attraction.

Pam said...

Hilarious! As someone who lives out that way, I have gotten the 'oh, is that where they make 'Boones Farm'...makes me what to carry some extra bottles around, and give them as a gift to every person that says that.

Have you had the food at the market since they brought a new person in? I'll read through and see if you have - personally, I find it a welcome change and decent comfort food.

Oh - as for my hood - I'll be interested in reading what you have to say about 17N-a roadside kitchen. I stopped by and got a menu last week - looks decent (better than 'oink' I think) - and I'm so glad that it's still an independent (more or less) and not wild wings or mellow mushroom. I also think it's cool that marketing wise they embraced the local spirit of what I affectionately refer to as 'LA' - Lower Awendaw. I think they officially open tonight.

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