Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barbecue Springs Eternal

Mt. Pleasant has seen it's share of short-lived barbecue ventures, like Ray's over on Coleman and Oink up on Highway 17, both of which opened and closed within the span of a year. But, barbecue keeps on coming back.

Local father-and-son team Jerry and Bennett Crites just opened Palmetto Pig Bar-B-Q over at Towne Centre, a franchise of an operation whose two original restaurants are up in Columbia. The Crites have taken over the old Mama Fu's location and put in a barbecue buffet.

Meanwhile, a new banner announcing "Woody's BBQ: Coming Soon" has appeared in the Publix shopping center by Park West, in the location where The Loop used to be. It's not clear how soon "soon" is, but judging from the construction still underway it won't be open next week.

For those keeping the running tally:

Barbecue +2, Sandwich/Pizza/deli -1, Chinese Joints -1.

Net net, a gain for the area.

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