Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Enter the Pickle Dog

My beloved Charleston Riverdogs just announced their new additions to their already splendid food offering at the Joe.   Their lineup of hot dogs is already legendary (as discussed in this City Paper piece), but they've added a few more for good measure.

A couple seem insignificant: the Beantown Dog (top-sliced lobster-roll style bun with baked beans) and the Yankee Dog (w/ brown mustard, sauerkraut, and chow-chow).  Okay, so we have a lot of imported Northerners bouncing around Charleston these days, but do we really need to make them feel more at home?  Who needs more options when you already have the legendary Riverdog with yellow mustard BBQ sauce and a slice of pickled okra atop?

But wait . . . there's the Pickle Dog.  If the description and photo from the Riverdogs' web site is to be trusted,  this is a hot dog that instead of a bun uses a big fat dill pickle--slice the pickle, slather on coleslaw, and stuff a hotdog inside.  Let me repeat: a hotdog stuffed inside a dill pickle!

Could be legendary.  Could be revolting.  April 8th I'll be lined up at the Doghouse concession stand to find out . . .

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