Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riding the Bacon Explosion

Aaron Chronister and Jason Day of the BBQ Addicts blog made a viral web splash with their infamous Bacon Explosion--two pounds of Italian sausage wrapped up in a basket weave of bacon strips (two pounds worth) and grilled. They posted the recipe on their blog in December 2008 and rode the 5,000-calorie pork loaf to fame, racking up more than half a million blog hits, notices in dozens of newspapers, and a Good Morning America appearance.

I was searching around on Amazon today and noticed that Chronister and Day have now parlayed that notoriety into a book, BBQ Makes Everything Better, which Scribner is bringing out in May.  The Bacon Explosion may have launched them into the limelight, but the book looks like more of a straight-up barbecue recipe book than a collection of flagrant high-calorie eating.

Still, the Bacon Explosion express rolls on . . .

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