Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enter the Barbecue Sundae

When I first saw the headline I assumed Kathleen Purvis was talking about a barbecue sundae along the lines of the infamous chocolate-covered bacon sundaes that have been popping up across the country (like downtown in Charleston at Shine).  As unexpectedly tasty as bacon is on a sundae, my first thought was "barbecue . . . on ice cream.  That couldn't possibly work."

Turns out it's a better idea than that: beans, pork, and slaw in a handy to-go cup.  That's the kind of barbecue innovation I can get behind.

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Barbecue Recipe said...

Barbecue Sundae sounds pretty intimidating to me. I love barbecue that's for sure, but barbecue in an ice cream? Anyway, I think it's interesting enough for me to give it at least a try.

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