Monday, July 19, 2010

BBQ in the Key of G, Reprise

In response to my recent post on the derivation of the word barbecue, a commenter asked me to repost an old clip of the classic BBQ Song. Here it is:

Watching it again, I still think its a work of musical and barbeculological genius, and it sums up the "barbecue is not a verb" argument quite nicely.

I have to take issue, however, with the band's rather terse dismissal of the state of Florida as not only not being in the South but also of not even having a barbecue style worth mentioning.  For starters, anyone who maintains that Florida is NOT a Southern state has likely visited only South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, and they've clearly never met my inlaws from Tallahassee and Bartow, nor spent a weekend in Panama City.  And second, Florida actually has a long and somewhat noble barbecue tradition, as I've discussed somewhat when reviewing Shorty's in Miami.

But, it's a fine song, nonetheless.

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