Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fishy Marketing

Old local favorite Raul's Seafood down on Shem Creek just announced that it is closing its doors, but about the same time, a new Harris Teeter opened up down the road from me.  The difference between the two is striking.  At the old Raul's, the locally-caught seafood is held in big plastic coolers on the floor of the modest wooden building, while the new grocery store's gleaming seafood counter has its product all laid out carefully for display in long trays on beds of crushed ice.

But my favorite is the marketing that adorns the counter:

I'm not sure which is more impressive:  the cheekiness of displaying the words "Freshness Guaranteed" directly over trays of fish so obviously just thawed from the deep freeze that it still has a white icy frost coating many of the filets; or, perhaps, the adept spinmeistering that transforms "cheap, factory-farmed product shipped frozen from China" into "World Wide Variety."

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