Thursday, September 30, 2010

Godspeed, Buccaneer, and Fair Winds!

The City Paper reports that The Buccaneer is closing its doors today.  I reviewed it back in 2009 when it first opened, and went back once or twice afterwards, and I always thought it was an interesting blend of good, solid food served in a tourist-friendly environment.   (That review, oddly enough, actually provoked someone to leave a comment defending the quality of the restaurant scene in Myrtle Beach.  Go figure.)

The company's press release blames the challenge of opening a "large capacity family-style themed restaurant in a very difficult economy."  There's surely a lot of truth in that, but I also think its out of the way location--hidden away on alley-like Faber St. just off of East Bay--probably didn't help.  It simply wasn't the kind of restaurant you would stumble upon unless you were looking for it, and even trying to give someone directions on how to get there was something of a challenge.

Nevertheless, I'll have fond memories of knocking back a Legendary Painkiller or two and wolfing down spice-laden shrimp-and-tasso-stuffed collards.  Blimey, matey.  We'd barely said ahoy and now it's gangway and godspeed!

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