Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, No Sir, I Must Protest!

BBQ Geek, a blog I follow regularly and, most of the time, at least, respect heartily, has had momentary lapse of sanity and has posted the following "opinion" (and I put it in quotes because it's hard to argue opinions but in this case it is just patently wrong):  "Of all the BBQ sauces out there, SC mustard probably has the fewest fans and is the most regionalized sauce."  Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Fewest fans?  Based upon what evidence?  And compared to that weird-ass white mayonnaise sauce they serve down in Alabama?

Anyhow, sauce blasphemy aside, it's an interesting piece on barbecue carts in New York City.  I myself, in NYC on business just a few weeks ago, looked up all the recently-opened barbecue joints and thought seriously about trying one out for dinner.  But, midway through searching Chowhound NYC for BBQ, I realized something:  you shouldn't go all the way to New York and eat barbecue, especially if you live in the South,

New York doesn't have great barbecue.  The remarkable thing about eating barbecue in New York is this: "can you believe we found good barbecue in New York, of all places?"

Brother, stick to barbecue when you are at home in the South, are on the road at a great barbecue city like Memphis, Kansas City, or Lexington, North Carolina.  If you're in New York, go to Katz's for pastrami or Keen's for a steak or the lobby at the Algonquin for a cocktail.  Don't go looking for barbecue.  Even if it is served from a street side cart and the pitmaster used to cook at Daniel and Le Cirque.

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Chilebrown said...

We met Chris Lily at the American Royal BBQ compettion a couple of weeks ago. He was a gentleman and very nice for being a BBQ legend. I bought a bottle of that "weird-ass white mayonnaise sauce they serve down in Alabama". I will give it a try.

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