Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burning with Guilt

As if we all didn't have enough things to get bunged up with guilt about, now, the New York Times reports, we're going to have to worry about our wood-burning fireplaces. I would have assumed this is just a northeastern urban and West Coast phenomena, especially since it's the first I've heard of "fireplace guilt", but the article quotes a woman from Boone, North Carolina (admittedly, a "public relations executive"), so it seems to be heading our way, too.

The fireplace I can certainly do without, considering that at my previous house I never once built a fire the whole time I was there and in my current one we have gas logs that haven't been lit in over a year because the propane ran out and it's not really worth the expense of refilling the big tank.

But, don't you dare come gunning after this baby:

It burns logs.  Real ones.  And for twelve hours or more at a time.

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JohnMoss said...

There has been quite a bit of research into the aerosol pollution from cooking meat. It's a not insignificant contributor to the particulate pollution in the LA basin. I'm not stopping our annual Pig Pickin, though!

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