Monday, October 17, 2011

Keeping the BBQ Flames Alight

This Rick Perry Barbecue Roadkill story is turning out to have a lot more legs than I thought.  I wrote an op-ed about it last week for the Los Angeles Times, and it took almost a full week from the time I finished the piece until it ran, and I was worried that by the time it hit print the story might be on its last gasp.

Not so.  Not only did my op-ed get a nice pick up through the Times' syndication network, but there are now some new developments in the case.  The Burlington Times News now reports that not only has Wilbur King of Kings Restaurant in Kinston sent a letter to Governor Perry weighing in on the matter but now, finally, Perry's opponents are waking up to the potential landmine just waiting to go off.  From the Times News report:

“We got a call Thursday from the (Mitt) Romney people wanting to know if we would send some food to Romney,” King said. “He would like to comment on it because they heard about Perry's comment. ... They said they'd be back in touch with us.”

I'm waiting with bated breath for Romney's response.  C'mon, Mitt.  Don't let us down.
My op-ed is showing some legs, too.  I can now officially say that this turkey ran in newspapers from Bangor, Maine, to Sacramento, California. Here's a quick rundown of the papers where it appeared, in addition to the original in the L.A. Times:
Bangor Daily News
Bellingham (WA) Herald
Charlotte Observer
Kinston Free Press
Myrtle Beach Sun News
North Jersey Record
Sacramento Bee

Watch your backs, Woodward and Bernstein.


Julie T. Pickett said...

Did you see this post on eating roadkill on the Smithsonian's Food & Think blog?

No mention of Perry, but c'mon, why else would anyone be talking about eating roadkill?

Robert said...

I hadn't seen that one yet, Julie, so thanks for passing it along. I'm with you: roadkill is just part of the general political ethos now!

I'm still waiting to see Mitt's response . . .

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