Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Live in a Buzzy Destination City!

So, Fodor's has put Charleston at the top of it's list of "Buzzy Destinations", ahead of such not-so-shabby cities as Cusco, Milan, Oahu, and Paris (admittedly, it was an alphabetical list).  And the reason?  Food.  Charleston is where "award-winning chefs pioneer a spectacular Southern food revival."

Not surprisingly, the focus on local, heirloom produce and, of course, Sean Brock's Husk and McCrady's take center stage.  What is curious is that the Grocery, the newest offering from Kevin Johnson which has been open only a few weeks gets prominent mention, too.

It's fun to watch the seeds that our local chefs, restaurateurs, and producers planted several years ago now starting to bear fruit.  And, it also means it won't probably won't get any easier to get a reservation at our hotter downtown spots any time soon. 

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