Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Takes More Than a Flood To Stop the Hogs for the Cause Block Party

Many believed that only an act of God could stop the Smoked Mullets from winning the barbecue cook-off at the 2nd installment of Hogs for the Cause Charleston. And it turns out they were right. The torrential rain and flooding back in October forced the organizers to cancel the event, robbing the Mullets (for whom I was slated to man the coveted midnight to six a.m. pit shift) of their otherwise-certain victory.

Even worse news was that the cancelation caused the Hogs for the Cause organization to lose valuable funds that would otherwise have gone to helping the families of children fighting pediatric brain cancer. So, Charleston's own Home Team BBQ is stepping up to help, organizing a Hogs for the Cause Block Party to be held down on the peninsula at their soon-to-open new downtown branch.

The Hogs for the Cause Block Party is now slated for Saturday, March 12, 2016 from noon to 4:00 at 1071 Morrison Drive, the parking area next to Edmund’s Oast and across from Home Team's new spot.

In addition to Home Team 'cue, there will be food from the Atlantic Room Restaurant at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House, Home Team BBQ,  Edmund’s Oast, and Lewis Barbecue. And there will be cocktails made with Cathead Vodka and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, and beer from Revelry Brewing Co. and Coast Brewing Co.  Plus live music by Guilt Ridden Troubadour.

Tickets are $30 per person and include a food pass, and additional tickets will be sold for cocktails and beer. All of the food, beverages and entertainment has been donated to this event to raise funds for Hogs for the Cause. Kids under 12 are free. Tickets available through City Paper Tickets.

 No word yet whether the Home Team crew will be smoking mullet for the occasion, but I think they should.


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