Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Winnow Episode 11: Do's & Don'ts

We had a lot of fun with the latest episode of The Winnow, which just posted. Hanna and I tackled "do's and don'ts"—including food rules and taboos, what to eat when visiting certain cities, and what people are drinking when they don't want something with alcohol in it.

We even touch the third rail of food conversations: is it OK to put ketchup on a hotdog?

Here's how to listen:

iPhone: open the Podcasts app (it's a purple icon) and search for “The Winnow.” You can subscribe to the podcast and automatically receive new episodes as soon as they're released.

Android devices: Go to the Google Play store.

The Winnow can also be accessed via various third-party podcasting apps and through the Soundcloud app or online at the Soundcloud website. And, we have an RSS Feed, for folks who know what to do with those things.

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