Introducing the Southeastern Dispatch

Chronicling the Dynamic Food and Beverage Scene in the Carolinas

By Robert F. Moss

I am excited to announce that I have launched a new brand publication called The Southeastern Dispatch, which has now been up and live for almost four weeks. It’s a new publication devoted to chronicling food and drink in the Carolinas, and it’s the collaborative effort of many talented writers and photographers—and we’re just getting started.

I explain the whole concept in my publisher's welcome letter over at The Dispatch. I'm thrilled to have recruited some of the best food writers working in the Carolinas today to be contributors, and it's been exciting to see their early pieces start to flow in. I've also rounded up some really talented photographers, too, and they really give a nice level of visual polish to the stories.

As for the content: we run food and beverage features, a series of drinks columns, news from the local dining scene, food history pieces, and, yes, good old fashioned restaurant reviews, all focused on the Carolinas. So head over to the Southeastern Dispatch and check it out. If you like what you see, please tell others.

About the Author

Robert F. Moss

Robert F. Moss is the Contributing Barbecue Editor for Southern Living magazine, Restaurant Critic for the Post & Courier, and the author of numerous books on Southern food and drink, including The Lost Southern Chefs, Barbecue: The History of an American Institution, Southern Spirits: 400 Years of Drinking in the American South, and Barbecue Lovers: The Carolinas. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina.